Content should be created in an SEO-friendly manner, where the content should be in a way that can help the search engines rank it more high.

That doesn’t mean it should be blocked with keywords; it’s meant to help the search engine find and understand how to connect your content with the topic you’re working for.

Try to make your content more SEO-friendly, not just by spraying keywords around your posts and other forms of content.

Ways to create SEO-friendly content:

Use headlines and sub-headers

The use of headlines and sub-headers makes your writing skimmable, and therefore it gets easier to read for your readers. As a result, people share easily readable content. 

The same goes for search engine robots. 

Readers can recognize your headlines and use them to understand your content better while crawling through your site. Even adding headers and sub-headers increases keyword saturation.

Add links to old content.

Google content tends to get a lot of backlinks-both external and internal.

Search engines rank content by the number of quality backlinks they receive. So if you want to drive traffic and rate your older content, you need to link them from your newer posts. 

Through this, people can find your best articles. The better the links, the higher your page will rank in search results.

If you use credible sources within the body of your text, you are more likely to gain your readers’ trust.

Optimize the length of your article

Most blogs previously used to have several 100 words. It was a game of numbers; the more posts you’d publish, the more traffic you’d get. But these days, it’s rarely the case. Even on the GetResponse blog, you’re reading right; now you’ll find most article that is 1500+ and published less frequently.

In the last few years, Google has shown that it prioritizes longer, higher-quality content. In addition, they aim to provide their users with the best possible results, and this often boils down to having posts that have the most relevant answer to the user’s query. 

Anyway, it’s not possible to write 300 words article anymore. But keep the quality of the content high.

It would be best if you kept looking at your Google Analytics reports seeing which posts generate the highest engagement for you. You can see the results of which have been visited the most and which are ready for the most extended amount of time; only then will you generate the highest conversions.

Choose your keywords wisely.

Some marketers like just to write down, keeping the SEO optimization for the last moment, but others start by writing all the keywords they want to incorporate in their content for more engagement.

Start by identifying relevant keywords for your topic. Then, either you need to come up with some relevant keywords right of your head or use the keyword planning tools. Or lastly, if you find it hard on your own then you can hire an SEO agency to do that for you. Once when you start writing, use the keywords in the title and headlines.

Optimize your images

Images are essential to make your content more engaging and sharable. People nowadays are more likely to invest in a company whose website looks attractive with relevant photos.

You can also optimize the photos by adding keywords. You need to make sure that you maximize the size of the picture. Images with too large a size might slow down the load time and hamper the SEO.

Make the images as small as possible without compromising the quality. You can get help from the editors who will do that with their built-in features. In addition, many free tools can help you to resize and compress your image files easily.

Make the content shareable.

If you’ve managed to write a quality SEO-friendly content article that people want to read, then the next step is to make it as much as shareable. Some websites make it easy to add social media keywords to your website so people can read and share the content easily.

High-quality content

This is self-evident, but it is not always applied. Instead, write valuable and entertaining content to get more people to read and engage with your content. That’s why content quality is more important than almost every factor on the list. 

Once you have a firm idea about writing and formatting your content, consider using some optimization tools to project and improve the writing process. 


So, now you know that SEO-friendly websites get more traffic, and higher traffic levels can improve your SEO score. In addition, some SEO marketing and Google SEO services make your workplace thrive. You will eventually learn to write quality content people want to read and share more.