In the Metaverse, marketing your product or service can be challenging, but it can also be very rewarding with the proper knowledge. While this article won’t tell you how to capture every dollar spent on the Metaverse, but surely provide some key tips and tricks to help you market your product or service successfully in this exciting new virtual world of business. 

What is the Metaverse ?

First off, what is it? 

The Metaverse, sometimes called a virtual universe, is an imaginary digital world that you can access through VR technology. A virtual reality experience will allow you to physically move and interact with the environment in real-time. As a result, thousands of people every day discover new worlds never before possible. 

What if you could create everything imaginable? 

Anything is possible in a virtual universe, from landscapes and creatures to entire cities, soundtracks, and sound effects.

Is the Metaverse the Same As Web 3.0?

Not Quite, But It’s Close! 

There’s been a lot of talk about web 3.0 lately, with some saying it already exists and others questioning whether or not it’s just a buzzword. I want to discuss what Web 3.0 is and give my opinion on whether or not we’re there yet. 

Before I start about what Web 3.0 is, though, let me explain briefly; 

What are the Internet (web 1.0) and the web (web 2.0)? Why do they matter to us today as marketers? Who may be wondering what all of these numbers mean anyway? 

Understanding how we got here will help you know where we’re going next. 

First, a little history lesson: 

In 1994, most people had never heard of the Internet, and very few people had access to high-speed connections; Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented Hypertext Markup Language, a web 1.0. 

HTML made it possible for anyone to create their website by adding text, images, audio clips, video clips, and other media types onto individual pages. 

Then came along web 2.0, which introduced a new layer that helps to solve that tracking pixels problem (also known as cookies). Tracking pixels were tiny bits of code that would get embedded into each page so that advertisers could see how many times an ad was viewed and which links were clicked on after viewing an ad.  

Now, our original question: What is Web 3.0? 

Well, if you go by Wikipedia’s definition, it’s the third major version of the World Wide Web and its successor web frameworks and technologies. It allows users to interact with sites through multiple devices [and] focuses more on usability than previous versions. If you know anything about virtual reality marketing, you know that we can say that web 3.0 = AI + IoT + Blockchain. So now we have a better idea of what Web 3.0 means – but does it exist? 

Is Virtual Reality really here yet? 

The answer is Yes!

What does the Metaverse look like today?

A strong debate is brewing around whether or not advertising will work in virtual reality and if a new kind of Metaverse marketing will emerge. While we agree with one VR company that argues that any advertising in VR won’t be effective, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t potential for a whole new kind of marketing. 

Maybe Metaverse could mean more interactive spaces, more consumer-generated content, or more opportunities to build communities. A recent advertising age report found that millennials are most interested in using virtual reality to extend their real lives—getting on Facebook, watching movies, and shopping. So there may well be an opportunity for brands to use VR as a medium through which consumers can create content about them.

What are NFTs, and What Role do they Play in Metaverse Marketing?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a new way of looking at collectibles and gaming items. Instead of being a specific and unique item that can’t be copied or replaced, an NFT is actually composed of multiple variables stored in a blockchain. It means that one item can have many different levels of traits depending on how it was created and where its components come from. 

Today’s best practices for marketing in VR/AR include encouraging user engagement and app store downloads by appealing to their desire to own unique digital property that would not exist without them.

Where Can You Learn about the Metaverse and NFT?

There are many places to learn about the Metaverse and the technology. Primarily, you can check out some articles (just search Metaverse). There are also Facebook groups that focus on emerging technologies like blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse that you may want to consider joining. And to make your learning hassle-free, you can give a read to one of our Guides.

The beautiful and amazing world we know will remain the same. And staying in the exposure to a new era adds more learning opportunities and knowledge that will help redirect this world toward a mind-blowing future.