Businesses taking up online reputation management services often find it challenging to sustain in the market in terms of results. All it requires for the firms that are taking these services is to make sure that they are taking the help of the best experts who can guide them with the essential things, primarily how to chase customer feedback. There is no denying that experts in these industries also suggest businesses in specific sectors that need more help than others regarding online reputation management (ORM). It is required from the companies in ORM to knock off customers’ feedback online and see how it can be critical to revenue and growth. 

Examples of top-notch industries that require close online reputation monitoring are those that are customer-centric, such as hospitality, finance, travel, and healthcare. When the audience base in the specific industry fails to receive the level of service they overall expect, they often share their negative experience with friends and family and connect reviews online. 

While business owners that are in the ORM industry are often aware of how much they need to market themselves with positive news with time. They may lack the time and resources to enforce a clear online reputation management plan in the chase for such services. Some businesses and organizations don’t see it as a priority, while others do not know how to initiate it. 


What is Online Reputation Management, and Why is it Important?

Online reputation management services are the one that primarily focuses on answering the negative and disrespectful feedback posted on a digital platform or other social media platform. Overall, this service aims to build a clean and positive image of the brand and businesses. Organizations usually don’t have much time to respond to any comments, feedback, or reviews, either positive or negative. The positive comments increase the health of your business, but negative comments ruin the business. Negative comments are though the part of the businesses. No mechanism can put a full stop to these comments. 

But businesses and organizations can maintain these reviews by taking appropriate actions. These overall actions decide the fate of the company. 

If an online reputation management service is used on a quality social media platform, it creates high credibility for your business. This also helps them hire the best employee as the newcomers or experienced as both want to join the firm with a high reputation. 


Why Some Industries Need Online Reputation Management?

It’s because not all businesses work the same. Some companies and organizations deal directly with their audience, and the audience mostly writes about what they feel via online means. You can hassle-free write reviews through social media or review websites like Facebook, Yelp, or others-audience base. As a business explorer, you need to know what your audience is saying, which can be done with a digital monitoring strategy. 

Some of the most common factors that affect industry reputation and increase the need for online business reputation management include:

  • Customer-facing Businesses 
  • Life-Changing Services 
  • Core industries where customer feedback is critical for improving the right products and services

Which are the Top Industries that Need Online Reputation Management Services?


The hospitality industry is the one that caters to tourism and entertainment activities. The sector includes the following businesses: 

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Amusement parks
  • Events
  • Casinos

As the mainframe goal of these businesses is to provide a pleasant experience, the audience often has high standards and expectations. Often audiences spend a sizable amount of money dining in a restaurant or checking into a hotel. They expect to get their money’s worth. 

Here are some vital statistics about online reviews in the hospitality industry:

  • According to the TripAdvisor website, 81% of customers read online reviews before booking a hotel.
  • As per reports on the Cornell website, increasing a hotel’s online reputation score by 1% percent can result in a 1.42% boost in revenue per room. 
  • Due to the better results of Trivago, 76% of the audience are willing to pay more for hotels with high review scores. 
  • With the popularity of the BrightLocal website, restaurants and hotels are most likely to have Google reviews compared to all other businesses.


Considering these impressive facts, it’s apparent that online reputation management for hospitality businesses is key to increasing customer loyalty and revenue growth. Moreover, since restaurants and hotels can seem a massive volume of reviews, online reputation monitoring software can save time while bringing excellent results.


When it comes to healthcare services, audiences are serious about selecting a provider they can go with. 

Here are some vital changing statistics from a study conducted by the PatientPop website: 

  • Only 75% of patients used the internet to search for a medical expert. 
  • Positive reviews are crucial in choosing a quality healthcare provider, say almost 70% of patients. 
  • Patient satisfaction often goes up by 99% when a hospital or clinic responds promptly to a negative review. 

Whether a person needs a dentist or a plastic surgeon, clients relating to the same need to know that they will be in quality, good hands when undergoing proper medical procedures. This is why online reviews are crucial in gaining the trust of future clients. 

Online reputation management can help get close to positive reviews on the healthcare provider’s website. Hospitals and clinics can put their best online reviews to attract patients and increase appointments using a review tool. 

Additionally, responding to all top-notch reviews appears to be the best strategy for improving customer satisfaction and trust. Overall, utilizing an online review monitoring tool ensures that all appraisals are responded to and can increase patient confidence.

Financial Services

Banks, investment firms, and credit unions are the ones that all deal with their audience’s money overall. Like health services, the audience is conscientious and critical of any product or service involving their finances. 

Additionally, the finance industry has been the subject of concern and unlawful shifts that have impacted audience trust, and many financial institutions have struggled to get back. Today, the most crucial credit unions or banks need to implement a brand reputation management strategy that gathers trust and sustains positive client relationships. This can start with sensitive customer service chase-ups that protect their finances and personal data. 

Furthermore, a famous study revealed that 55% of audiences consider online reviews to choose a bank or credit union. This is essential when using a reputation management software or online reputation monitoring tool to track and reply to online checks. Somewhere, the best online reputation management campaigns work because they can respond to all online reviews, improving the reputation and forging client trust. 



Yes, it is a fact that not all industries work the same way or have the same audience. Because of the reputation process, the level of online reputation management strategies differs from one industry to the next. However, suppose your business falls into the sectors mentioned above. In that case, it’s time to use the right online business reputation management services that match your industry and get over its top challenges. 

Many top companies provide the best online reputation management with a personalized approach, from brand reputation management to reputation repair. The companies of the same look for reputation management services to fit your business needs. When it comes to SW SOFTTECH, we use our extensive experience with various industries to create appropriate and successful reputation management campaigns accordingly.