SEO Consulting Services

Increase Traffic Growth Organically, Meet Objectives & Grow

Our search engine optimization services include resources such as necessary tools and seasoned experts to drive marketing campaigns and continually optimize the website to stay relevant. SW SOFTTECH is known for moving many brands’ rankings to the first few pages, improving mobile rankings, increasing rankings for non-brand keywords, transitioning to secure websites (HTTPS), decreasing bounced rates, and much more! As a result, we benefit your company by growing rankings, traffic, leads, sales, and your business.

How Do We Function?

SW SOFTTECH is an SEO consultancy helping brands improve their performance in search engines and social media channels. We provide you with a seamless, hassle-free consulting experience. Our SEO consultancy services include the following:


SEO Audit: We analyze what works best for your business, what on-page, off-page, and technical SEO elements need to be fixed, and SEO strategies.


Local SEO Audit: The SEO specialist analyzes your presence in local search results. They review your Google Business Profile and social media platforms.


Link Audit: We check the authority of links and how other websites link to yours. If you are focused on content marketing, we recommend choosing viral content links to enhance internal linking.


Competitor Analysis: Understanding competitors' rankings, keywords, and strategy are vital. We target your competitor's weaknesses and gaps and offer high-value opportunities for your business.


Keyword Research: We focus on transactional and informational keywords. When compiling keywords, we make sure of the keyword's competition, keyword cost-per-click value, and the keyword's search volume.


Website Usability Analysis: Measuring the number of users interacting with your website is essential. In addition, factors that impact ranking are page loading speed, broken/ re-directed links, compressed site images, limiting unnecessary codes, and adopting a responsive design.

Why Choose SW SOFTTECH As Your SEO Consultant?

We break down our toughest methodology and break free from jargon into simple and result-oriented language. After we discuss your marketing objectives, we develop an SEO strategy to drive success. The strategy includes detailed keyword research and a content calendar to help optimize dozens of articles and website pages. Our search engine optimization agency aims to generate organically converting traffic. Our services include on and off-site optimization, technical SEO, content strategy, and lead generation. Sustainable SEO success and maximizing ROI starts with thinking about long-term marketing goals. Our experts incorporate tactics to create the right system in organic quality signals. We assess your site's strengths and weaknesses and deliver lead-oriented action. We understand the importance of impactful SEO and thus take a holistic approach, combining best practices to increase search rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

If website visibility on search engines and the brand’s social media presence is your focus, start SEO planning by determining relevant keywords.

SEO consulting agencies analyze website performance, domain authority, and technical health. They assess the ability of your website to perform in search engines. A good SEO agency shows you areas of concern and improvement to get more organic traffic and drive revenue and leads.

Every site is different and responds differently to optimizations. It generally takes three to nine months to build SEO momentum. But once you’re a part of the game, you’ll also see cost-effective results!