When you design a website it is a must to understand what will impress your visitors. This makes website designing an important task in the website development process. You will find many creative ways to improve your design. If your design is attractive enough, it will attract more visitors and more engagement. 

To do all this effectively you must introduce yourself to fundamental web design principles. With knowing principles it will be really easier for you to create an attractive user interface. 

Irrespective of your industry, you have to follow fundamental web design principles. You need to make it beautiful, user-friendly, and incorporate all appropriate details required for telling your story. On top of everything, your web design procedure must be encouraging.

For this reason, we check out website design trends every year. 2022 has also brought some amazing web design trends. It’s a year for new solutions, originality, responsive design, and aesthetic extremes.

Web Design Trends for 2022

It’s time to take a look at the following web design trends that can make your website amazingly different in 2022!

Videos as Design Components

Videos are always omnipresent in website design. In case you need to add interviews or promotional videos to your website, videos are the best way to involve your audience by enthusiastically delivering crucial data.

Now videos are playing a new role in website design. From being totally informational, they are converting to design elements. Due to the seamless creation of new technologies, now videos can be included in the website design in exciting and new manners.

3D Illustrations

The lines between virtual reality and reality are confusing. 3D effects and strategies in the 2D space are good instances of this in action. Designers are exploring every 3D element, from animations and illustrations to scenes made with images and objects.

Illustrations can add 3D effects and intensity with shadows and simply the right concept in the creative procedure. And this might cause something that has a more realistic feel.

Organic Shapes

Although geometric shapes were one of the big web design trends in 2019, organic shapes have taken place in 2022. Fluid or organic shapes are everything that does not include straight lines. These are the shapes that occur in nature, such as a river or lake’s edges, hills, and how they are winding and asymmetrical.

Organic or fluid shapes can amazingly break up a website’s segments without rough angles or lines. Moreover, they can be perfectly utilized in the background, like the way Android utilizes circles behind every item on their homepage.

Dark Mode

The dark mode is one of the most popular web design trends for 2022. It is trendy as it offers a low-contrast application or website that you can easily browse through in low-light environments. It helps you highlight a particular content type as well.

Some other reasons to go for this trend include:

The dark mode works as a battery saver.

It gives your device a cool and modern appearance.

Your eyes don’t get stressed while using a device in a low-light environment.

Changes in Scrolling

The changes in scrolling have already transformed the way users operate websites. This latest trend is going to stand out in 2022 with the transformation of scroll animations, horizontal scrolling, and scroll telling.

This is why websites are getting more accessible and engaging instead of just playing a media role that connects users with web activities. These transformations not just help users get more engaging experiences but gather basic info from websites.

Parallax Animations

Parallax is an optical illusion that we see in our daily life. It occurs when nearer objects seem to move quicker than distant objects. The parallax effect on website pages looks so surreal and real.

The use of background and foreground for creating depth has another advantage of immersion. It converts the computer screen into a theatre stage. Since users browse through website pages, they consider its performance as magical.

With a file format like SVG, it enables a designer to scale the visuals as per the requirements by keeping original graphics quality in mind. 

The files’ SVG format enables users to scale the visuals as per their requirements while keeping up with original graphics’ quality. Vector art files’ availability makes us expect that website design trends in 2022 will experience the growing existence of these highly amazing illustrations.